Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ahaishopping Pinterest Contest

I have been addicted to Pinterest ever since I can remember. I can say it's a relaxation spa for me. Seeing beautiful, inspiring and awesome pins is enough to make my day. What more if you can win store credits just by pinning? Great isn't it?

I have join so Pinterest contest but haven't been lucky to win one. 

So here's a Pinterest Contest of Ahaishopping.
If you are a blogger who also have a Pinterest account, please don’t miss this golden opportunity. This International activity is opened for people worldwide, regardless of class, race, nationality and religion.
Please Email us with your blog & Pinterest links for confirmation.
1. We have set up 3 awards for 6 winners. One winner for the first prize—free items worth $100; two winners for the second prize—free items worth $50 for each; three winners for the third prize—free items worth $30 for each.
2. Each of the rest participants will get $5 bonus as reward.
2. Follow us on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ahaiclothes/
3. Create a blog article introducing this contest, getting more people partake in this.
4. For convenience sake, you’d better create a board especially for Ahaishopping. Of course if you already had a board for Ahai, you needn’t do so.
5. Pick your favorite items from Ahaishopping and then Pin them to your Pinterest board. The more items you pin, the greater chance to win the award.
6. Please give comments on this contest and kindly add the links of your blog article written for Ahai. And, your Ahai Pinterest link is also needed. The winners are selected in accordance with the effects of your blog article and Pinterest.
7. If you want to comment more than once, please find your original comment, click reply and then comment here.
1. We will announce 6 winners on this page when the activity ends. Each of the rest participants shall get 5 bonus code as reward.
2. Every participant can get 5 dollars bonus and the 5 dollars can only be offset when your order is above 30 dollars. eg. You order items that worth 30 dollars, you only need to pay 25 dollars.
3. The ultimate rights are reserved by Ahaishopping Team.

You can join too. You'll never maybe you'd win.


Bambi Girl