Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Birth

The idea of blogging scares me but I conquered it. :)

Unlike Tumblr, Fashiolista, We Heart It and Pinterest that I am hooked into, blogging is different, because it's more personal. After months of second thoughts and failed attempt to start a blog I finally dropped the bomb. I first got the idea of blogging from the movie Julie and Julia directed by Nora Ephron and from that I’ve been dreaming and mooning to start my own but I lack the guts, as a consequence it took me months before my blogging debut.

Like Julia, this blog is a challenge to myself, a dare that I gladly accept with arms wide open. This is astounding at the same time overwhelming yet I still need to learn some few things since I am newbie to the blogging world. I know I am not a good writer however I will try to create something quirky, entertaining and inspirational to earn some readers.

Good luck to me and to my blogging endeavor. The game is on!

Bambi Girl