Friday, July 26, 2013

The Discovery

I really want to see what Julie Powell's blog after I watched the movie. I really want to read it. So I searched the net hoping to find it. I know that it was published long long time ago but my hopes are high. Sad to say I didn't find it. I read an answer in one of the forums that I've been to that the blog was up until a week before I was looking for it. Not much of my lucky day I guess.

I haven't found it but it didn't stop there. I searched for blogs and boy, there was a lot. Way a lot that I can count of. I was amazed and thrilled and excited. And so I open blogs one by one and I discovered something great, happy, beautiful, funny, sad, informative, and the list go on. Oh I wish have a lot of time in my so that I can read them all.

Next time, I shall list all the beautiful blogs that I found.

Bambi Girl