Friday, February 8, 2013

Romwe Free Leggings

Bambi Girl

First Romwe Haul and Free Leggings

I found out about Romwe through one of the fashion bloggers that I'm subscribing into. She has a lot of Romwe pieces that she wore and it look very unique and fashionable so I checked out the site.

I was caught by the 20% discount on sign up so I signed up and while I was I browsing through all there products and I found many items that I would love to buy.

Much to my surprise Romwe snet me an email regarding their Christmas promotion. The only that I nedd to do is share their promotional banner on Facebook and gather 30 or more likes and in return they will reward me $30 freebies and leggings. Luckily, I gathered more than 30 likes so they credit the $30 freebies to my account.

Fast forward to my first purchase. I only have $30 credit on my account so it's very hard to pick which item will I place to my shopping cart. I want to maximize my $30 credit so I browse and browse and browse through all their to find items that will be worth not more than $30. 

The items that I picked are the following:

Colorful Tassel Pendant Necklace Color - Golden ($10.99)

UV Protection Tawny Rounded Sunglasses Size - One Size

Crystal "Cat's Face" Pendant Color - Golden ($12.99)

All in all it cost me $37.27. I know it's beyond my $30 credit so I used my  20% discount so then it just cost me $29.82. Pretty awesome right? 

For the free leggings, Romwe sent me this beautiful Gradient Block Orange Leggings. I have it it size medium and I'm pretty amazed that it fits me perfectly.

Gradient Block Orange Leggings Size - M ($24)

Bambi Girl